Manage your coin collection with OR.Collection

When I first started collecting coins, I wanted an inventory of my collection. Like many collectors, this took the form of a spreadsheet with all the important information I was keeping track of as columns, filtered as needed. This approach worked well enough for a while, but I found that I wanted more information about my collection and more visibility in to various aspects of my collection that the spreadsheet could provide. From that necessity, OR.Collection was born.

I had a lot of information in my spreadsheet that I wanted to save and, perhaps more importantly, not have to re-type in to a new software product, so one of the features of OR.Collection is its ability to import my collection from the spreadsheet I had used for so long.

I created this Microsoft Window application to meet those needs.

Download the User Guide (PDF) which explains how OR.Collection works, complete with screen shots and other information.

Download the OR.Collection installer (MSI). After downloading, click to install.

The most recent version is 1.16.68, March 7, 2016.

Questions and answers

  1. What does OR.Collection need to run?  OR.Collection requires a computer running Windows7 or higher. It was not tested and probably will not work on computers running versions earlier than Windows7. Further, OR.Collection depends on Microsoft .NET framework 4.6 which is typically installed through Windows Update.

  2. Where is my coin collection information saved?  On your computer and nowhere else.

  3. What version is OR.Collection?  Version 1. It has the major features I originally intended it to have, but I continue to add features as-needed.  Please contact me if you have an idea.

  4. Is it free?  Yes. As a hobby endeavor I created this for my own purposes. As it grew, I thought others in the coin collecting world might find value in it which may be why you are reading this page. If I am lucky enough and this work becomes successful on a broader scale, I may someday charge for it.

  5. Is there a warranty?  No, but if you are reading this page you already know how to contact me and I'm happy to help troubleshoot, take feature requests or otherwise help as best I can.  There is a EULA in the About window but it's boilerplate that gets included on all my work.  It's also quite boring.


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